About Us

Support Nepal (SNP) is a not-for-profit, non-government organization working strategically to restore imbalances and inequalities being faced by minority and marginalised groups. Established in 1996, development of training, networking, models of effective development practice, research and influencing policy has been the focus of SNP’s strategic works. 

The increasing focus of SNP has been on providing support to communities and to develop processes that promote the inclusion of the minority and marginalised groups.

Guiding principles

SNP is guided by a set of principles to build creative and trusting relationships with minority people and their organizations and to meet program standards which:

  • give priority to the needs and interests of the people we serve;

  • encourage self reliance and avoid creating dependency;

  • are based on the authentic participation of people in programs that affect their lives;

  • respect and foster human rights, both socio-economic and civil-political;

  • seek to enhance gender equity and social inclusion; and

  • understand and respect the history and culture of the people we serve.

Strategic Objectives (2015-2018)

  1. To establish as a resource organization for information, coordination and dialogue on policy and practice in the Nepalese NGO sector on minority issues.

  2. To protect and promote minority rights in transition to federalism in Nepal.

  3. To promote development of process and practice of appropriate measures reducing the adverse impact of climate change on minority groups.